The Colours of Love

The Colours of Love

These images are a compilation of love and the way I perceive it within the LGBT+ community, they are images captured during the editions of the Pride Prague Festival between 2016 and 2019.


My interest in the gay scene was born in the 90’s in my hometown, Mexico City, it was the safest community for young women who wanted to go out and have fun at night. Visiting gay clubs was not only fun, it was liberating in all the senses. I was always a fan of drag shows, I was fascinated by that performance that went from the dreamlike to a reality on any stage.

My work as a photographer has focused mainly on portraits, the challenge in this series was to transform each of the documentary images into a single story, which is why it is a photo-design work. In each image we see a central character, a life, a story to tell within a sea of chronicles, each individual represents freedom with respect to gender.


«The Colors of Love» is dedicated to my uncle Mauricio who could never be who he really was, Mauricio lived in such a conservative family environment that made him live in fear and therefore love with fear.

The decision of what our identity is should be a UNIVERSAL HUMAN RIGHT, unquestionable and not up for debate. If some governments of the world (Poland, Russia, Balkan countries, etc.) do not want to recognize it, then let us recognize it, each one of us !

Art allows us to recognize different realities and think of more possibilities in the world, it allows us to look towards those.

exhibition 09.08.2022
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