About me

Aidé Alcocer, Mexico City 1974

Art Direction/ Editor/Web Design/ Photo Design

Portrait, Documentary, Urban Landscape, Architecture, Photo- Design, Fine Arts photographer

I currently live in Prague; I do graphic design, create websites and take portraits.

I work on my own projects with prospects of exhibitions.

My passion for photography started when I was young but it only showed together with the graphic design.

I studied many areas within the field of photography. Portraits were what appealed to me the most. I belong to the generation that saw new technologies change the way of creating art and with this change, I entered the world of multimedia.

I left photography for many years, became interested in the new technologies applied to the Internet. Now, in the beautiful city of Prague, my passion for photography has returned and I started working in this field again. At the same time, I have fallen for website creation: I like expressing graphically what people do and I find it the best medium for this.

Something more personal:

I grew up listening to The Doors, Donna Summer, The Cure and the protest songs. I have been a DJ for more than 20 years. Music forms an important part of my life, which is also reflected in my work.

I remember the first broadcasting of Video killed the radio star and the MTV phenomenon, and it is when the images surprised me to such an extent that I told myself that I would work in it one day. And so I did – and still do.

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