The Furry Gang, happy life!

Me and my beloved ones…

» It is a real pleasure to portray the furry ones with their families, I have an immense love for dogs, I am the typical lady who talks to them on the street!
I consider that having a portrait with our life partners is fundamental, it is beautiful «

My connection with them began in my 20s and I dedicate part of my life to rescuing them from the streets and abusive families, I have adopted so far 5, one of them died at 19.
Eight years ago I moved to Prague with the remaining 3 and a new member, Rigo.
We crossed the Atlantic with my 3-month-old baby and my wonderful husband and here we are.

Family Bonn

Lenka & Charlotte

Toffee & Inaliel

Bo & Armin

Hilary & Panja

My gang & friends 

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