About ME

About me

aiDEa .

Aidé Alcocer, Mexico City 1974

  • Portrait 
  • Documentary 
  • Urban Landscape 
  • Architecture
  • Photo Design


Areas of Expertise


Art Direction/ Web Design/ Photography/ Photo Design

I currently live in Prague; I do graphic design, create websites and take portraits.

I work on my own projects with prospects of exhibitions.

My passion for photography started when I was young but it only showed together with the graphic design.

I studied many areas within the field of photography. Portraits were what appealed to me the most. I belong to the generation that saw new technologies change the way of creating art and with this change, I entered the world of multimedia.

I left photography for many years, became interested in the new technologies applied to the Internet. Now, in the beautiful city of Prague, my passion for photography has returned and I started working in this field again. At the same time, I have fallen for website creation: I like expressing graphically what people do and I find it the best medium for this.

Something more personal:

I grew up listening to The Doors, Donna Summer, The Cure and the protest songs. I have been a DJ for more than 20 years. Music forms an important part of my life, which is also reflected in my work.

I remember the first broadcasting of Video killed the radio star and the MTV phenomenon, and it is when the images surprised me to such an extent that I told myself that I would work in it one day. And so I did – and still do.

Exhibits .

exhibition 09.08.2022

The Colours of Love

Gay Pride Festival 2022
Photo Exhibition
A collection of portraits made during the Prague Pride the last 6 years by aiDEa photo.
Aide Alcocer is mexican photo-designer and Multimedia Artist based in Prague since 2014.

Sin Brújula, Exhibit Mexico City

Aidé Alcocer Mexican Artist, portrays the daily life and living culture of Prague and Germany, Leonardo Eguiluz tells us the beauty of traditional and contemporary Taiwan, Tania Campos tells us the experience of Chinese culture in its splendor, Denis Jockmans artist of Belgian origin, portrays the indigenous cultures of Mexico and their landscapes, Louis Guermond French artist who portrays the urbanity and the characters of the city of Sibiu in Romania. Cesar Oropeza, Curator

Interview .

Oko! Magazine Prague

Interview about my work as a photographer

Ivana Kudrnová / Blog

Interview about my work as a photographer Multimedia Artist

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